In software world, one thing is for sure you can not stop learning. More you invest in yourself, better you become personally and professionaly.

I know a bit about Android, Java and git. I offer training in same.

Transition To Android

Lets face it, many companies have asked their back-end or any other tech people to setup a mobile team. End result has not been pretty. Yes your guys learnt something but you paid heavy cost indirectly. Now the codebase is not maintainable and writing from scratch does not seem to be a viable option. Irrespective of how hard they tried, mental model of working in mobile is quite different from working in web or whatever tech they come from. I have a solution for you.

Either your company is setting up a mobile team OR you as individual want to move to mobile development. I offer personalised training to ensure smooth transition. Pre-requisite of this training is you must be a programmer and famiiar with OOPS. I will cover all Android fundamentals and building blocks and you will feel more confident writing code. Final result should always be Win-Win for you and your sponsor.

Tailored Android Training

One of its kind, I offer tailored Android training as per your project needs and team. You might be interested in UI OR you might be interested in architecture. Whatever it is, you will get satisfactory results. I will create a unique curriculum based on discussions with your team.

git Training

Your company performance depends on your team. Your team productivity and satisfaction depends on tools they know and how well they know. Git is one of the most powerful tool every software developer must know. With this training we will make sure your developers are not using git as storage box to dump codebase and they will harness its power. I will create a unique curriculum based on discussions with your team.

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