Are you an individual, a startup OR well established company, need help in hiring Tech Engineers?

I offer interview as a service. I started this work to help early stage non-tech founder startups so they can hire the best talent they need.

I will work with you to understand your requirements and interview your candidates accordingly. It will be a tailored process as per your business need. I can add value in the following:

👉 Software Engineer screening
👉 Data Structure and Alogithm
👉 Android Engineeer (Architecture, Development, Testing)
👉 Java, Kotlin, Dependency Injection, CI/CD, GIT
👉 Product/Startup Engineer, Development, Architecture, A/B test, Data analysis, understanding of the product terms like DAU, MAU, LTV, Funnel, COA etc.
👉 Communication Skill

Clients till date: Priceline and Autoportal

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