Gaurav Khanna

An experienced Software Engineer & Product Manager with industry experience of 10+ years and 3 startups. I hold experience of working in product companies like Booking Netherlands, Philips Netherlands, Naukri India, Hike India, Peak London. I tried 3 startups in mobile apps space till date, Watstime(2015), HueHello (2017) and GoodApp (2020).

Product Skillset
I gained product management experience from startups I ran. It includes user review study, understanding user requirements, user group sessions, A/B testing, roadmap priotisation and managing team (freelancers). Managed to increase revenue conversion with right experiements.

Technical Skillset
My skillset is mobile apps development. I understand and work with various technologies like Android, Kotlin, Java, AWS, Firebase, Jekyll, Git, Docker, CI/CD where Android development and management is my strength.

StartUp Experience

GoodApp (Founder) 2020 GoodApp
We are developing a self improvement and personal growth suite. We are on a mission to help people become a better version of themselves. We launched in July 2020 and we are seeing good traction (100k downloads in 7 months). My responsibility involves app development, and product management. I do user reviews study, A/B testing via firebase, roadmap priotisation and managing freelancers (design, ads and content). Managed to increase revenue from USD 1000 to USD 3000 with different A/B tests and right pricing placement.

SmartLightApps/HueHello (Founder) - Acquired Mar 2017- July 2019
SmartLightApps , HueHello
An IOT mobile app, got 170k+ downloads. The tech and apps got acquired by SetonaLLC. My responsibilities were Product management, Roadmap prioritization, and managing freelancers, Complete Android app development.

Watstime - (Founder - side project) 2016
We were trying a social form of reminders. I was responsible for the complete Android App development and Product Management. It got accepted in fb-startup program. Had to shut down because of financial reasons.

Industry Projects & Experience

Peak Games (Android Contractor - Remote) Feb 2019 - June 2020 (London & Remote)
Peak games is a brain games company with more than 10 Million+ downloads. Visited London a few times, worked remotely.

Philips Hue (Android Engineer) May 2017 - July 2018 (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Android app to control philips hue smart lights. Part of the android core team. (Android Engineer) Apr 2016 - May 2017 - (Amsterdam)
Part of Android team and data driven culture with A/B testing.

hike messenger (Android Lead) Aug 2014 - Mar 2016 - (New Delhi)
Number 1 messenger among Indian youth with more than 50 million downloads. I was a part of the early team and worked on various core technical areas of hike. (Android Engineer) Sep 2012 - July 2014 - (Noida)
India’s number 1 job portal. Responsibilities included setting up Android team and hiring new devs.

tcs ignite (Android Trainer & Engineer) July 2010 - Aug 2012 - (Chennai)
I was a technical trainer in TCS ignite and we worked on side projects in Android to train new employees and to facilitate R&D.

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