Gaurav Khanna
All Android,Product Engineer, & Data enthusiast

Core Strength
Tech: OOPS, Android & Java, Product Management, git
Product: I have a good eye for UX and product engineering mindset.

About me
Started my Professional journey in 2010. I believe in user centric teams and Product Engineering. I like reading and writing tech blogs. I have experience with data driven development and I have been using it everywhere possible.

I have always been an Engineer with users in the center of all solutions I have architected or programmed. I am an advocate of writing tests for code and posses experince of Junit and Espresso. I understand importance of writing clean and readable code.

I possess good communication and presentaion skills which are crucial aspects of working in any team. I hold experience of leading a team and interviewing Android engineers.

I hold experience of working in the market leaders of their domain (Naukri, Hike, Booking and Philips). I love to see ideas shaping into a real product.

Tried my own starup (Watstime, 2015) and launched product. Got selected in fb startup program and reached 5k+ users. Another hobby project (, 2018). One of the app, huehello got 100k+ downloads.
I have experienced how to take a product from mere idea level to a real product in users hand.