Let me start the blog series with a realistic sentence, It is not easy. This whole blog series will be my personal experience with self-employment in tech business.

I don’t think it should come to you as a surpise. It is not easy. Way harder than you imagined when you started OR gonna be harder if you are starting. But that’s the beauty. If you truly want something, you should be ready for uncertainities.

Interesting part is it might not be difficult for what you planned for but it surely will be difficult for what you missed to plan. Most of times, every techpreneur has an idea and some vision. They just think about that solution and do not pay much attention to other aspects of equation.

There are a lot of factors playing role in any journey, including startup. Personal Health, Mental Health, Social, Financial, Technical plan, market varition are few to name. We can not and we do not plan for everything, But we simply do not consider lot of these factors at all.

There is one very famous article on similar lines: Friends, Family, Health, Sleep and Work. Choose 3.

My 5 Advices:

  • If you are starting a business, My first advice is to plan personal finances for next 12 months. Multiply that number by 3 and you should have that much spare. There will be so many uncertainities and cash crunch is the biggest factor to play its role.

  • Your health is important than your work. Remember why did you start? At least I wanted a quality life and I wanted to spend time on anything I enjoy. If your health does not support, anything else is neither important nor achievable.

  • Do not lose close friends/family in the journey AND do not push too much to be in touch. This can be a weird scenario when you are not enjoying your close friends call or infact physical company. It may irritate you even. The magic sauce here is you need to be refreshed everytime you talk with them. Better not to speak if you aint feeling good. Best time to call/speak is after physical exercise. Could be gym, running. I try to keep in touch every alternate week and no work discussion.

  • Sleep is quite subjective and do not make yourself sleep deprived.

  • I kept work at last intentionally. You should not be surprised to know productivity is directly proporional to your concentration. You can concentrate only if you are healthy both physcially and mentally. My advice is try not to spend whole day on work. Plan other things better and rest whole of the day is usually dedicated to work. If you spend 8 hours sleeping and eating, 2 hours health, 2 hours entertainment, 1 hour extra activities, you are still left with 11 hours in a day to work. I doubt anyone in technical domain can work this much. I think most of the days are productive if you did 4~5 hours of technical work.

Best of luck!