I asked a Java developer why he has not tried Kotlin, there are not good resources for Java-to-Kotlin, he answered and this series was born

Our motto from this series is to reduce the friction for java developers to adapt Kotlin. You will not become an expert in Kotlin but definitely you will start appreciating it. At the very least, you will become familiar with the concept and make an informed decision whether to use it ot not. This series is strictly for Java Developers. All the examples and explanation assumes you know Java OR OOPS.

Disclaimer : Wherever possible, We will have Java code and similar Kotlin code. I care for you

This series is divided into few parts. The logic behind the sequence chosen: Earlier parts show the minimal difference between Kotlin and Java so you can grasp the concept easily and feel confident. The parts at the end show more capabilities and offerings of Kotlin which are either not present in Java OR they are slighty different as a concept.

Some points to note:

👉 Whatever you do in Kotlin can also be done in Java
👉 From language basics perspective, Kotlin is syntatical sugar over Java. I say Java is compiled, Kotlin is smartly compiled.
👉 There are some cases where Kotlin is more efficient (the new offerings from Kotlin Platform Classes, we will see later)
👉 All the parts of this series are connected, it is better to read in the sequence. Bookmark it now.

It is going to be a long series, grab your favourite hot drink and be ready to learn something new. If you happen to like the series, promise me you will share among your circle


Topics in Part 2: Semicolon, File & Package, Access Modifier, Equals ==, String Concatination, Variable, New Instance, Class Definition, Inheritance

Topics in Part 3: Explicit Cast , Instance Of, Smart Cast, Ternary, Functions, Top Level members, Multi Line String

Topics in Part 4: Constructors, Inheritance & constructor

Topics in Part 5: Null Reference, Elvis ?:, Let, Safe Cast

Topics in Part 6: If Expression, When Expression, Range, Range with Step, For In Loop, Labelled Block

Topics in Part 7: Extension Function, Data Class, Constant, Singleton, Anonymous, Companion

Topics in Part 8: Lambda Expression & Scoped Functions

Topics in Part 9: Collection Utilities, Generics, Annotations

Topics in Part 10: Late Init, Delegator, Lazy, Coroutine