One of my favorite excerpt is He not busy being born is busy dying.

If you are one of those who do not feel a sense of accomplishment OR who feel you have wasted time OR stuck in a vicious circle of regret and repeat, this article is for you.

Everyone wants to live a quality life. A life where they are proud of what they did. A life where they enjoy being present in time. A life where they are not chasing happiness. A life where money is not the utmost important thing. A life where …

It all boils down to how do we spend our time, the years, the days, the hours and the minutes, seconds and so forth. We will discuss how to manage our time well in this article.

Like anything has a reasoning, the inspiration for this article comes from children in schools. Have you ever wondered they have their life sorted than most of adults? Children are happy and living in present. Most of the adults are busy doing nothing. They hardly accomplish 1 or 2 tasks a day. I am not denying the fact of responsibility on their shoulders but still, I believe we live in chaos and we can do better. This question was bugging me since some time and I realized there is no magic sauce here. It is all about how their day is structured. We as humans have done a good job structuring our children day but not as good as when it comes to adults. Let’s discuss the point.

I call it The 8 hour principle

We have few pillars in our life: Personal, Friends and Family, Social and Career. Yet we define ourselves by mere work we do. We say Sam the Plumber, Merry the Painter, John the Engineer. We do not give equal weight to all of the pillars and this is one of the wrong turns we have taken.

The point I want to make is we need a good balance between all pillars and no balance can be better than giving equal weight. So I say divide your day in three chunks 8-8-8.

8 hour sleep

8 hour dedicated to bedtime and sleep. No compromise here. If you doubt benefits of sleeping, there is plenty of advice google has to offer. I see no need of convincing you on this.

8 hour work

Yes, 8-hour work including commute. Work is no doubt very important in human life and it differentiates us from other animals. Yet most of us spend our day in Work, Eat and Sleep cycle.

Problem is most of the people have nothing else to achieve and spend time with. Work does not offer the deep satisfaction they want yet they are never ready to endure the pain of sitting idle in boredom and figure what next to do They feel lost. They stretch the work of 2 hours in the workday of 8 hours. They are passing the time. They need to understand stressing on one thing does not help. Your mind needs break. Not only that, it is one of the pillars not THE PILLAR of life.

Love what you do, Do what you love

You need to embrace the work you do. Make it sharp 8-hour routine along with commute. Yes, it is not feasible for everyone to make this change instantly but if you are willing to improve your life, you will find ways to do so. If you are not happy with the work, keep trying unless you land in a place you enjoy. You are not dead if you are breathing. Don’t act like one.

Lastly, you have to divide those 8 hour of work in concrete hours to get better results. That’s how children do it in school. You have to do too.

8 hour - Other

Instead of mentioning personal, friends & family OR social. I intentionally wrote Other. Everyone has a different priority. Someday it is something personal you want to spend time at. Someday with friends and family. Someday social event and so on. The important point is at the end of day you know you did what made your day fruitful.

The unique characteristic of this pillar is there is a lot going on here. From entertainment to health, from relations to social life all comes under this umbrella. You can not achieve everything daily in mere 8 hours. One suggestion is to note down 16 things which are important to you and do not stress on everything; if you accomplish 4 things in those 8 hours. Call it a fruitful day.

The last pillar is flexible. This is the pillar people borrow some time from. The other two pillars are not negotiable. Few people are looking for a new job, they prepare for job spending time from third pillar. Sometimes something unexpected occurs and you need to borrow time from the third pillar again. In reality, it depends on how strong your other pillars are. If you know you give 100% at work, nobody will expect more from you and you will have confidence to say No. You should aim for not compromising any pillar to the extent possible.

Remember, Time is a commodity. You have it limited and you can spend on right things to feel better OR you can ignore it until you run out of it and then hit the crisis. Choice is yours as Life.

👉 Do not mix pillars time. If you lend time from one pillar, return back
👉 Do not cheat with pillars. Avoid working at sleep time, sleeping at personal time, playing at work. You got the point.
👉 Be honest with yourself, It’s f**ing your own life

The essence of this article is you need to manage your time. Make it strict 8 hours per pillar and you will deal less chaos. Keep in mind, “What gets measured, gets managed”