There were two men in a jungle and it starts raining. After sometime they got near a cave. Just before they thought to enter, they heard a loud roar from inside. It was like roar of a bear. But they wanted a place to spend night.

Being scared, one of them said; okay I will go inside first and find out is there any bear or not. Second man even being reluctant, agreed and waited outside. After sometime, the man outside heard another roar.

Now he has two options,

Go inside and find out himself there is any bear or not Play safe and return as first option could be very costly if there is a bear Hope you get point! Sometimes it is not worth to find out is there any bear or not :)

The Carrying Monk

Once two Monks were on a journey. They were passing a Jungle and encountered a river. While prepping to cross, one Woman reaches them and asks for help. While Monk 1 was about to utter No, Monk2 agreed and carried woman on his shoulders. Monk1 was surprised as they are not permitted to touch a woman.

They crossed river, dropped woman, shared smile with gratitude and left apart. Monk2 was walking normally but Monk1 was upset after incident. Monk2 had no idea about his mental state but he could sense something is wrong.

On insisting, Monk1 said “How could you carry a woman when you know we are not permitted”

Monk2 replied : “I just helped a person in need. I dropped her long back. You are still carrying her inside you” Who is at fault ? Me OR You ?

Lesson :Most of us do not live in present. Either we are carrying past OR we are tensed about future. None of these will help. Secondly, Monk2 had no idea about Monk1 mental state. If he would not have asked, Monk1 would have carried it for long long time and suffered himself.

The Angry Monk

Once a Monk was meditating at a river bank. He was in deep relaxed mode concentrating on his breathing. He had tied his boat along with him. It was pin drop silence until he heard someone bumped into his boat.

Monk did not want to spoil his rhythm, so he ignored and kept on meditating. But again and again, he felt a bump and listened the noise. He was getting angry inside. After few minutes, he felt so much anger that he decided to shout at whoever was bumping in his boat.

Prepared to shout, he opens his eyes and all of sudden he was calmed down. He saw it was one empty boat which must have slipped from somewhere with river flow and it was stuck somewhere. Could not find its way but water current made it bump into his boat.

He exclaimed, Yes anger is within me. It is just an empty boat.

Lesson :Most of time we all face similar situation. We become angry at someone OR something without knowing the complete picture. Always remember, anger is within us and we suffer a lot because of empty boat.

Note: I read these stories on quora and facebook. It is not from me. Credit goes to whosoever is original author.