Congratulations, you have completed Mastering Android Themes series. Let’s conclude what we learnt.

We started our journey with hardcoded values and then we moved to semantic same-name values like padding_16. We saw lot of scope of improvement in novice style, so we invited competent developers who suggested us to maintain styles and sleep well.

We were sipping coffee with satisfaction and by then, expert developer coached us to design language. He explained use of design terminology with designers and how to ensure a proper communication takes place with in teams. He is a real team player and collaborator. He introduced custom attribues and themes to us and we learnt a theme is just an object filled with values so views can use it to draw at runtime. We learnt how to create a theme by extending Material themes offered by system.

But we are hungry developers, we wanted to become master. We saw how to use custom attributes in custom components and how to create themes hierarchy. We created our custom themes with common parent and used custom attributes to fill values. Finally we felt proud writing awesome code.

Remember, a master not only writes good code; he spreads the knowledge also.