Congratulations, You have completed Mastering Android Context series. Hope you learnt something new.

We can say Context is the life of your android app. From android point of view, it is your app. You can almost do nothing without context. Without it, your app is plain java code.

Context + Java code => Android

Good or Bad, it is the design we have got and we have to make the best out of it. From chapter 1 we understood we use it to communicate between components, instantiate components and access components.

We undertood from chapter 2 that Context is UI, Non-UI, Short Lived and Long lived. Chapter 3 helped us understanding you need to choose context carefully otherwise you have to deal with memory leaks and other UI issues.Finally you saw context is responsible for loading best match resources for your app and you can configure it as you want. We learnt the difference between this, applicationContext and baseContext.

Many developers will advice you to use only application context. Do not Use Application context everywhere with fear of memory leak. Understand the root cause and always use right context at right place.

You my dear friend are a master of Android Context now.