Our motto from this series is to master Android Context. This is one of the core topics of Android and hardly developers use all type of context in the way it is designed.

Let’s face it, Context is one of the worst designed Android API. The GOD Object.

We will try to explain in a very simple way possible for both beginners and experienced developers. Feel free to share your feedback or reach me for any other query.

Using the right Context is like ordering right wine. Not every wine drinker can differentiate between $10 and $50 bottle. We won’t make you expert Wine taster (yes that is a term) but certainly we will try to make you context expert.

Have you ever encountered this question: What is difference between getContext(), this, getBaseContext() and getApplicationContext()? If yes, this series will clarify most of the doubts.

Note: We expect knowledge of Android basics like Activity, Fragment, Broadcast Receiver and other building blocks. If you are a new developer who is starting journey to Android world, this might not be the best place.

This is a long series, grab a coffee/tea/kahwa/beer and get started


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